Grow Assistant Registration Server



This website is used by the Grow Assistant for the following purposes.

Registration Validation - The program validates it's registration status by sending an encrypted form of your serial number (by using HTTPS or by encrypted your serial number prior to transmission) to this website which replies with and encrypted value that the software decrypts. The software then uses this value to determine if the software's registration is valid. Prior to your serial number being sent to the server an encrypted string of numbers is sent to the server. This is called a Sanity Check. Bascially this helps the server and your copy of the Grow Assistant to ensure that they are both using the encryption algorythm correctly.


IP Check Function - This website is also used by the software to determine several pieces of network information. If you would like to see it's output you can visit this website. But below is a typical string returned by the site.*265C8E39474D48FFF9A6E833F078D3522D3E85BD7B61DD2193EF59746F437F66B90BBC40B865BF718509FA01B829943EB1B5D23C8558BC03846AC2C57F86F3D5E7272BCE57187A15B0AFCDEC160C014C048C685CE472BFE0B0AFCDEC160C014C244849071A36AF01B0AFCDEC160C014CFB7B4C6841509CEC)*

Breaking this string down we have the following.


The Grow Assistant requires an internet connection at least once every 10 runs (if registered) This is to reverify your license number and to ensure that the license number is not being used on more devices that allotted.